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Absolutely Great service. Getting paid every month is the icing on the cake. No other Affiliate program comes close.

I've been using this service for a year now, and we have had access to TV shows, Channels and sports events that were too just expensive for our budget. My children love searching for films and they can always find something they haven't watched. And I love the refer a friend program, as this service has been essentially free for us for the last 11 months!

This service is amazing I love the NowPlex app I downloaded it today and it’s absolutely super!!

Matthew Silverman

Amazing value, great support.
Can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't want this.
This really is no brainer!!

Excellent service, value for money and so much choice.

Riccardo from Manchester UK

I've been using the Nowplex service for almost 2 years as a viewer only since I unsubscribed from one of the more well known high street companies. I was a bit apprehensive at first but it was soon clear I had made the right decision as soon as I had logged in and saw the content inside.
I will never go back to those high priced services again.
And the good thing is, I'm now getting paid to watch TV...How cool is that.

Oh yes, this is just the best service. There are too many channels to choose from. Thanks so much for all the additional features like being able to download to our phones and laptops. And thanks you for the referral bonus.
- Leroy Whitekiller, Toppenish,WA USA

Absolutely awesome service ,Always someone on hand to help.A special mention to Nick πŸ‘Œ

What a great service fantastic tv app good support service , what a great way to make money by just giving away free trials

I have tried the new app and I am really happy with it’s performance. Gone are the buffering issues I was experiencing. This is a service I will recommend to all my friends and family.

This is such an awesome service. So many channels, movies and shows to choose from. And you can't beat the price! Absolutely love it!

After trying a few other services this has been the best thus far!! Also the support and opportunity to share with others has made this above and beyond anything else out there!

Best service I have ever used. Get so much more than the others on the market, multiple apps to use, amazing customer support, and getting paid to watch tv is a winner too!

Peter Daffin... uk.. Just been trialling the new app, what a game changer! Super fast getting channels, picture quality brilliant and no buffering at all with no VPN on a 4k fire stick. Works excellent on android phone as well. Easy to install.. Best IPV app by miles..

Just thought I would give an heads up to all new TV app users joining our program.. I been involved from the ideas first inception and yes been a few changes along the way! But now what we have just works! Bit of a learning curve plus support is 2nd to none and the extra earning factor involved is a real plus.. Just try us out use our free trial then take us for a longer ride to be able to see the real benefits of all on offer! Big welcome to everyone also outside of the U.K. Best regards to all concerned from me AndyC in U.K.

Having joined at the very beginning, and having a massively positive reaction from day one, 9 people joining in the first week, I knew this was a winner, I have consistently invited new members, who are enjoying our ever growing Home entertainment, with many members also enjoying a growing secondary monthly repeating income, unlike so many other 'opportunities'. Our service has a very high retention rate, all the family love this service, something for EVERYONE, So glad I made the right decision, and stayed the course.... Join with us today. Lots of support.. You'll be glad you did... Nick Wood. Founder Member, & Facebook help group moderator...Always here to help πŸ‘πŸ“Ί=, πŸ’·πŸ˜‰... Nick

I'M one of the beta testers app is awesome excellent work to you all ❀❀❀❀

Best way to find your favourite Films, TV shows and All Sports from around the world for a very affordable price

Nowplex is awesome working on another customer for the free trial. This is by far the best price for movie an sports entertainment to have this is awesome β€β€πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Just tried the app and this is my feedback:
-seems to take a while to load app when opening
-I like the layout, the Home Screen is very visible & readable
-it’s hard to tell what you’re choosing in the menu on the left once you actually open the app because it’s not highlighted in yellow until you choose a category
-The channels load really quickly without a lot of buffering
-Switching between channels is also very fast turn
Overall it’s head & shoulders above anything else I have tried.

LORETTA T, Central North Carolina USA

Amazing app, all your favourites in one place. For the price it's unbeatable. Thank you. 😁

I need to let the world know, that after 3 years of canceling cable and cutting the cords, last year I found the best streaming service EVER! I can watch channels all over the world, catch new movies and series with a click of my remote and watch our son fight in the UFC, without having to pay those crazy fees to watch! We have saved thousands over the past couple of years cutting the cord with the cable/satellite companies and the best part is that we can watch whether we are home, at our camp or at our snowbird location! AND BAM, the monthly referral bonus is FIRE $$$$! ~ Betty Brock-Porter, NY USA @bettybrockporter

This is an awesome service!! Every new movies is here!!! All channels are here!!!

A fantastic app offering amazing value & also getting paid to watch itπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
It really is a no brainer.
Keith Joy
Chichester, England.

This service is the bees knees, It's been a god send for my family during this Pandemic. I have a 9 year old Son who has Autism and this has been a fantastic medium for keeping us all occupied. We've all been transferred to some wonderful and exotic places through the magic of our tv screen.
We've been on a magical quest with 2 teenage elfs in a van. Briefly peered into the Afterlife. Been on a World tour with Trolls, Spent time with Mr & Mrs Claus. Swam the Deep Oceans with Dolphins. Travelled along the Kalahari with Elephants. And a hole lot more..... I've Witnessed some spectacular and enthralling adrenaline fueled sporting feats of high speed and determination. The best bit about all of this though is....... it doesn't cost the earth. I Highly recommend our service to anyone!

Love the new app! The new guide is great. Picture quality is awesome!

Great service for a great price, with a very helpful team

OMG! This is such an unbelievable service. All these channels, movies and shows to choose from. And after I shared it with a few friends, ( that love it too.) My service was free! Just a great idea . Thanks!
Leroy Whitekiller,
Toppenish, WA USA

I downloaded the BRAND NEW NOWPLEX APP earlier and have to say I'm blown away with what this company is giving us for such a small fee every month. Its very clear to read, beautifully laid out and a sure fire winner we have in our hands. Time to get even more trials because it's our duty to share this brilliant product.
Michael Henry
Hampshire UK